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No Pants In Tucson

World Premiere: 2021 - A.R.T./New York Theatres

(The Anthropologists)

Indecent! Immoral! Illegal! It’s the year 1883, and an ordinance prohibiting women from wearing pants has been ordered in Tucson. In this subversive new comedy, The Anthropologists dares to calculate the cost of gender oppression today.

No Pants in Tucson photo by Jody Christopherson-141.jpg

The Anthropologists Save The World!

Ice Factory 2017 - The New Ohio

(The Anthropologists)


A smokers' cessation group resurrects Aldous Huxley.
Doomsday preppers take on the biggest blackout in NYC history. Robots occupy our future. A triptych of plays examine the precarious role of the individual in the age of climate change with screwball comedy, nihilism and dash of good old American bravado.

The Anthropologists Save The World photo by Jody Christopherson-141.jpg

No Man's Land


(The Anthropologists)

This true fairy tale is a dream... until you're #woke.

Four actors set out to wrestle to the stage the true story of American Dad, Jeremiah Heaton, who planted a flag in the African desert to make his daughter a true Princess. They attempt to expose this modern day fairy tale’s roots in systemic racism and white privilege. What follows is an outrageous, inappropriate and sometimes painful confrontation with their own bias.

ANewcombe - Roller Skates.JPG

Another Place

2011 - HERE

(The Anthropologists)

Inspired by new discoveries in physics, Another Place orbits around Cassandra, a physicist who sees the opportunity to literally create a new universe. Can she start over, unencumbered by her own failings? Unpredictable, idiosyncratic and absurd, the play tackles themes of environmental responsibility, scientific discovery and human failure.

Another Place - photo by Nora Moses _edited.jpg

Give Us Bread

World Premiere: 2009
(The Anthropologists)


Using original text and primary source materials, 

Give Us Bread tells the remarkable true story of immigrant women who united to feed their families and a city, providing a lens with which to examine today’s food crisis.

women with projections - Give Us Bread - KimNora Moses.jpg

Artemisia's Intent

2018 - FRIGID Festival

(The Anthropologists)

Artemisia’s Intent​ delivers a captivating physical performance to unearth the life, work, and words of 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Inspired by every proclamation of "me too," The Anthropologists craft a startling portrait of a woman caught at the intersection of power, assault, and art.

Winner: Best Solo Drama - Frigid Festival 2018 

Artemesia's Intent photo by Jody Christopherson-6.jpg

This Sinking Island

2017 / 2018

(The Anthropologists)

Set in a landscape of repurposed material, This Sinking Island uses movement and live music to tell the story of a family who must leave all they've ever known in search of a new home. Crafted with sea level rise science and climate refugee testimony, this performance builds a bridge between understanding climate science and imagining a better and more just future.



2012 - Jewish Plays Festival / 2013 Berkshire Fringe
(The Anthropologists)

Fusing together found text, dance and real life events, The Anthropologists interweave two stories of the fight against oppression: one ancient and one modern. Inspired by the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, MAHALLA captures the spirit of the Arab Spring juxtaposed with the Passover story of the Jews' escape from the hands of the Pharaoh. MAHALLA is a vibrant collaborative creation investigating the intersections between food, ritual, storytelling and the pursuit of freedom. 

Mahalla 2012 - Asano_edited.jpg

For The Love Of...

(The Anthropologists)


A constellation of three absurd dance plays; a mash-up of classical text, contemporary movement and pop culture. It’s about dead guys like Chekhov and Kafka and Shakespeare. It’s about a bookcase. It’s about being a beefcake. It’s about wanting too much stuff. It’s dance, but it’s not dance. It’s choreographed emotion.

Falling - FTLO '10.jpg
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