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No Pants In Tucson

World Premiere: 2021 - A.R.T./New York Theatres (NYC)

(The Anthropologists)

No Pants in Tucson photo by Jody Christopherson-141.jpg

The Anthropologists Save The World!

Ice Factory 2017 - The New Ohio (NYC)

(The Anthropologists)

The Anthropologists Save The World photo by Jody Christopherson-141.jpg

No Man's Land

2016 - TheaterLab (NYC)

(The Anthropologists)

ANewcombe - Roller Skates.JPG

Another Place

2011 - HERE (NYC)

(The Anthropologists) 

Another Place - photo by Nora Moses _edited.jpg

For The Love Of...

2010 - The Flamboyan/CSV (NYC)
(The Anthropologists)

Falling - FTLO '10.jpg

Artemisia's Intent

2018 - FRIGID Festival (NYC)

(The Anthropologists)

Artemesia's Intent photo by Jody Christopherson-6.jpg

This Sinking Island

2017 / 2018 (NYC - Upper Manhattan, site specific)

(The Anthropologists)



2012 - Jewish Plays Festival (NYC)/ 2013 Berkshire Fringe (MA)
(The Anthropologists)

Mahalla 2012 - Asano_edited.jpg

Daddy's Black & Jewish

February 2011 @ Nuyorican Poets Cafe (NYC)
written & performed by Lian Amaris

Lian - Daddy.jpeg

Give Us Bread

World Premiere: 2009 - The Milagro/CSV (NYC)
(The Anthropologists)

women with projections - Give Us Bread - KimNora Moses.jpg
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I utlilize theatre as a form of inquiry, for both audience and artist. I wish to explore what a more just world looks like, both through the work presented onstage, and the creative process itself. My work provokes questions, but does not presume answers. Making theatre holds my feet to the fire: as an activist, a parent, and a human.


I work most often as a devising artist, building and writing performance based on investigations with artists in the rehearsal studio. I lead with rigorous evaluation and I learn from feedback. I relish being in the studio, in process, alongside collaborators. My style is experimentation-based, encouraging inquiry, cross-disciplinary exploration and integrating design into storytelling. My work is tactile and somatic, transcribing history and emotion through gestural vocabulary and expressive movement. 

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