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My plays shorten the distance between history and future and exist as a form of inquiry, for both audience and artist. I’m committed to lifting up unheard voices: immigrant mothers in 1917’s Lower East Side, whose rioting against rising food prices were previously locked inside cook books and brief news item in Yiddish; female garment workers in Egypt who defied patriarchal systems to protest, planting the seeds of the Arab Spring; sexual assault victims prior to the #MeToo movement. Through once-hidden stories, these original works for the stage reveal something new about culture at large.

The Understudies

at Colby College
November 17 & 18, 2023


The Understudies is part of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, a collection of three short plays exploring the themes of girlhood and play, inspired by the Colby Center for the Arts and Humanities theme of Play.' Each play investigates the gendered, age-based, and class politics of 'play' and questions how play in our US society socializes young women/girls into particular social roles that have broad implications for both individuals and broader socio-cultural structures. We invite you to come play and consider the ways all genders, ages, and classes are implicated in social practices along the way. All events are FREE and open to the public. Reserve in advance at

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Full Length Plays


No Pants In Tucson

It’s the year 1883, and an ordinance prohibiting women from wearing pants has been ordered in Tucson. A subversive comedy, No Pants In Tucson dares to calculate the cost of gender oppression today.


Another Place

Another Place orbits around Cassandra, a physicist who sees the opportunity to literally create a new universe and escape her own perceived failings. Her attempt to create a black hole, multiple times and places collide, opens up possibilities and complications. Unpredictable, idiosyncratic and absurd, the play tackles themes of environmental responsibility, scientific discovery and human failure.


Artemisia's Intent

Artemisia’s Intent​ unearths the life, work, and words of 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Inspired by every proclamation of "me too," this solo play crafts a startling portrait of a woman caught at the intersection of power, assault, and art.


Give Us Bread

In order to feed their families, immigrant women took action in the form of boycotts and riots against skyrocketing food prices.  Based on the 1917 food riots in New York City’s Lower East Side, Give Us Bread combines historical research, archival material, original writing and stylized movement to bring to the stage this little-known piece of history.


No Man's Land

Four actors set out to wrestle to the stage the true story of American Dad, Jeremiah Heaton, who planted a flag in the African desert to make his daughter a true Princess. What follows is an outrageous, inappropriate and sometimes painful confrontation with their own bias.


One Acts & Ten Minute Plays


The Blackout

When a massive blackout paralyzes New York City, Oscar and Marion Jung are certain they are prepared for survival. But what about their housemates? And that mysterious intern?! Part screwball comedy, part nihilism and with a dash of good old American bravado, The Blackout examines the precarious role of the individual in the age of climate change. 


The Understudies

Britney and Natalie are just trying to learn their lines, prepare for their big break and just be regular American teenagers. The Understudies is an exploration of the determination and perseverance needed to create a life in the arts and what society expects from young girls. 


The Potato Play

A ten-minute play about the history of the humble potato interrupted by bad "dad" jokes.


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